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Sustainable Indiana

The Community Research Center for Sustainable Living in Indiana. We are a completely non-profit organization located in Crawfordville, IN. Over the more than two decades since its foundation, Sustainable Indiana has not only organized these sustainable living projects but is also committed to improving its long-term social, economic, and environmental impacts in Crawfordville, IN.

We work as an ‘umbrella organization’ continuously offering services geared towards sharing, networking, outreach, education, and building community in various aspects of sustainable living. Our goal is to become an incubator for alternative, progressive, and sustainable living ideas. Anyone who wants to participate in our community centre programs will benefit from this resource of sustainable living ideas. We support different sustainable living projects in:

  • Real estate
  • Local Production
  • Renewable energy
  • Reuse and repair
  • Sharing economy
  • Transportation
  • Urban space
  • Waste reduction
  • And many more

We are particularly concerned about the people and the environment. Nowadays, everybody is looking for a product or service that improves the economic and social conditions of the communities where it operates. So, we are committed to providing our resources to assist you with sustainable living at home, work, or in your community.

Sustainable Living at Home

There is no doubt that living a sustainable life begins at home. That is why Sustainable Indiana is committed to be involved in educating and encouraging homeowners and home builders to build green homes. This type of home is designed to be energy efficient by incorporating all the latest technology and materials. Besides that, this type of home conserves water and creates less waste. At the same time, we are completely focused on offering you a more sustainable lifestyle. We often provide valuable tips for sustainable living at home in different programs. These include:

  • Save energy to reduce carbon emissions
  • Eat less meat to reduce the impact of the meat industry on our world
  • Use reusable products to prevent the environmental impacts of landfill
  • Choose the option of going paperless
  • Always use the renewable energy
  • Save as much water as you can
  • And many more

We know these small changes will help you with sustainable living at home.

Sustainable Living at Work

Nowadays, more and more business organizations are looking for sustainable living to reduce their environmental impact. Sustainable Indiana is completely focused on developing different policies and programs to encourage sustainable living at work. We often provide valuable tips to create a sustainable living environment in your place. These include:

  • Implement a recycling program
  • Promote a paperless office
  • Support green vendors
  • Conserve human energy within the office
  • Encourage sustainable transportation
  • And many more

We are quite sure by following the above tips, you will be surely able to create a sustainable living environment in your workplace.

For more information regarding sustainable living, don’t hesitate to contact Sustainable Indiana as early as possible. We are happy to assist you in creating a sustainable living environment at your home, workplace, or in your community.